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Pre-Made Templates
Though I don't consider myself a "web designer", with the help of Avalon Rose, I've put together a few pre-made templates in the hopes to provide affordable, uniquely chic options for French Cupboard & Friday Flea Market members and anyone else who just wants to freshen up their site.  
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Lady In Waiting website template-Lady In Waiting, website, template
Lady In Waiting website template
Organic Baby Webiste Template-Organic, Baby, Webiste, Template, Design
Organic Baby Webiste Template
Victorian Lace Website Template-Victorian, Lace, Website Template, premade
Victorian Lace Website Template
Vintage Mermaid Web Template-Vintage, Mermaid, Web, website, Template
Vintage Mermaid Web Template
Polkadot Romance Web Template-Polkadot, Romance, Website, web, Template, romantic, retro, 50's
Polkadot Romance Web Template
White Roses Website Template-White, Roses, Website Template
White Roses Website Template
Vintage Journal Website Template-Vintage Journal Website Template
Vintage Journal Website Template
Cherub Website Template-Cherub, Website Template
Cherub Website Template
Old World Romance Web Template-Old World, Romance, Web, Website, Premade, Template
Old World Romance Web Template
Vintage Girls Website Template-Vintage, Girls, Website, Template, Pre-Made
Vintage Girls Website Template